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Many buildings have inspired the charts you see on this site. This section shows such buildings and the charts that came from them.

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SP0012 - Lily Mills

SP0012  -  Lily Mills

SP0011 - Sir Hugh Starkey

SP0011  -  Sir Hugh Starkey

SP0010 - Thai Guardian

SP0010  -  Thai Guardian


SP0009 - Madeira Embroidery

SP0009  -  Madeira Embroidery

SP0008 - Ecclesiastical Exhibition

SP0008  -  Ecclesiastical Exhibition

SP0007 - Islamic Floors

SP0007  -  Islamic Floors


SP0006 - Domes

SP0006  -  Domes

SP0005 - Doors

SP0005  -  Doors

SP0004 - Ceilings

SP0004  -  Ceilings


SP0003 - Lady Margaret

SP0003  -  Lady Margaret

SP0002 - Sheik Zayid

SP0002  -  Sheik Zayid

SP0001 - Thailand

SP0001  -  Thailand


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Please contact me for international shipping rates.

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